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Name: Julie Dubela
 Age: 33
Birthday: January 16, 1991 Brothers: Greg , Luke , Patrick Sisters: Nope
Pets: My miniature australian   Shepherd named Maple
Fave Singer: Sara Brightman
Fave Band: idk
Fave Food: Still pasta with Marinara sauce
Fave Magazine: Seventeen
Fave cosmetics brand: Jane Iredale, Lancome, Chanel
Fave Candy: Jolly Ranchers...the blue ones
Fave subject at school: English with Gym a close 2nd
Fave Song: it changes all the time
Fave Restaurant: Olive Garden Fave store: American Eagle
Fave perfume: XOXO
Fave Mall: Palm Beach Gardens Mall, Fl
Fave Sport: surfing
Fave Sports team: Red Sox
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i Always wanted To be A Star!

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Photography courtesy of Bear Kirkpatrick

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