JulieDubela.net Archive

This website is a historical archive of juliedubela.net, as it existed in the past, before it was de-actived, and the domain expired. The archiving of this is similar to that by the Internet Archive, which keeps a record of how websites were in the past. It gives a glimpse of how the web was. To the extent practical, the content is kept as it was. This includes out-of-date styling, obsolete methods, outdated conventions, and information that's no longer accurate or current.

Why JulieDubela.net?

This is part of a larger idea, of preserving sites of interest that have gone down. This domain (juliedubela.net) in particular was chosen, as it's an example of what the web was in the early 2000s. The site was first archived by the Internet Archive (IA) from 2003 to 2016, when juliedubela.net was de-activated. While similar to the IA's archive, this archive has been fixed to remove various archival errors, that made IA's archive hard to use, and this archive has been placed at the original domain name, juliedubela.net, so it is more likely to actually be found. The original juliedubela.net site was made before a few social media giants dominated everything. It had started to become common for an artist to make their own website, share their own work directly, promote themselves, and anybody could read or listen or watch, without an arbitrator. It is a simple static website, made using a site builder of the time. On a personal note, I happened to come across the site around 2005, and was surprised by the talent of a singer who wasn't famous or signed to a major label. When I loaded the site, it would play My Heart Will Go On, which I always found comforting, even if that sounds corny to say. So, it made a suitable site to work on.

About Julie Dubela

Julie Dubela is a talented singer in New England. She first became known in the Boston area for singing the national anthem at a young age at major league sports games. She appeared in multiple national reality TV shows, such as American Juniors, America's Most Talented Kid, and Endurance. In addition to singing, she has also worked as a model, appearing in advertising and fashions shows. She is also an instructor to up and coming musicians.

Changes and errors

Naturally, it's impossible to make a perfect copy. The IA's archival used snapshots of various date/times. Each snapshot collects some content for a date/time, but misses a bunch. This website took the most recent snapshot for select pages, and filled in the missing pieces with the most recent file versions that could assist. The result is flawed, but more useful than what IA had. Some things aren't functional. In particular, the website counter on the main page can't work, as it is impossible to know the correct number. So, an arbitrary value is chosen. A number of external links didn't work anymore, so the site used the most appropriate alternative. Any expired contact information (like an expired social media page or email address) was updated to link to the subject's current public social media presence.

Supported pages

This site includes those pages which were sufficiently captured. They include the following:

Copyright and Contact

This site uses copyrighted material under the Fair Use Doctrine in the US and Fair Dealing rules in Canada. I will promptly remove any copyrighted material upon request from a copyright holder. If you are the subject of the site, I will happily address any requests for changes to the content and/or status of the site.

Please send all comments, questions, and requests regarding this site to Robert Thivierge by email. I do not represent Julie Dubela. You may wish to visit the Official Instagram page for Julie Dubela.


The creation and maintenance of this site is a non-profit endevor, done for public benefit. There is absolutely no warranty related to use of this site. That means there is no guarentee of the reliability of content or operation of the site, by the current webmaster, the original content creator, or anybody else. Information contained on this site may not be accurate at this time and should not be relied on. The site is an imperfect archive of the original and contains some differences, often for technical reasons, as it's impossible to perfectly capture what was.